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Trinity App Workz, LLC (Trinity) is a one-stop mobile application development firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. We work with application entrepreneurs to bring application ideas to life.

Unlike other application development shops, Trinity’s focus extends beyond software development to provide support services from idea to launch and beyond. We start by providing an in-depth market analysis of potential new products, allowing customers to choose how far they want to go based on a set of key analytics: Trinity assesses the market for any given idea, provides the basis to develop a business case, creates advertising and marketing plans, organizes investment summaries and attracts capital for winning application ideas. Further, as a customer’s application transitions from an idea to a finished product launched in the App Store/Google Play Store, Trinity offers customers the flexibility to pick and choose only the services they can afford and/or need, all while providing peace of mind that each idea is kept confidential.

Trinity was born from a synergy between Randy Davis and Todd Moran in 2013. Davis and Moran were brought together as a part of a Cumming, Georgia-based incubator where they assessed ideas and technology trends for mobile applications, and from this venture they founded Trinity. Davis’ background is in sales and marketing with 25 years at the Fortune 100 company level. Moran is a successful entrepreneur, co-founder of two other successful IT companies, and has been developing products and solutions for the remote monitoring industry for small businesses for more than 20 years. In 2014, Davis and Moran successfully built their own mobile applications and as a result have assembled a team of professionals that sets Trinity apart from the competition.

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