Rapid Scalable Development

Trinity App Workz builds mobile application software natively from the ground up on a single, cohesive, and integrated platform. Since we write code once, debug it once, then release it into multiple production environments and markets, we significantly accelerate development cycles while controlling costs.


The Trinity App Workz team has more than 25 years in software development. Our development team leader has built products for companies like J. F. Taylor, Inc., BellSouth Information Systems, GE Information Systems, Global Exchange Systems (GXS) and PRG-Schultz and recently co-developed a state-of-the-art back end solution with Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) to track geo locational devices.

Existing Resources

Our access to existing large volume transaction databases gives us the foundation to rapidly develop an array of applications. We build multi-platform applications using an extensible design paradigm, allowing unanticipated future functionality to integrate easily into existing application cores.

Latest Technology

We write code using the most sophisticated coding language in use today, which allows for us to develop a product with one body of source code and launch it in multiple versions on major platforms (Windows 32 and 64 bit, OS X, Android, and iOS).

User Interface Design

We not only handle heavy lifting for complex applications, but we also have an in-house, skilled user interface (UI) design team that constantly analyzes app trends, habits, and process flow. The result is a simple yet highly functional and easy-to-use application UI that adheres to a ‘less is more’ philosophy: We have found that users like to find what they need in the minimal amount of touches and our designs keeps users engaged and coming back for more. Our design process also includes soliciting real world, highly valuable and constructive feedback from our network of test users and focus groups, allowing us to react, adapt and launch a product that has been through nothing less than exhaustive testing.