See the Trinity App Workz Difference

Unlike many incubators and mobile application development shops, Trinity is led by a well-rounded team of sales, marketing, project implementation, development and design executives. Trinity is unique because we focus on the idea, market and opportunity prior to development, fully mapping out the process from start to launch and beyond. Our goal is to protect the ideas of our customers, provide a sounding board, grow ideas, and to ‘nail before we scale’. Application development begins only after an idea has been fully evaluated by the Trinity team. Customers are involved in the process the entire way, giving them full control of their project and its implementation.


We conduct and present a comprehensive market analysis report for the idea, allowing the customer to decide whether to proceed as is, adapt with modifications or abandon development efforts.


Our development team has more than 15 years experience building both front and back-end mobile and browser-based applications and software in multiple markets.


Many studies on why ideas fail to produce results generally conclude that failure is related to poor execution: The old adage that 80% of success is just showing up is rarely true in the overcrowded app world where developing a winning idea means you also need a winning execution strategy.


Do you have a great application already in the market but have run out of time, money and resources to see it reach its potential?

Trinity wants to partner with you to take your app to the next level.